freenet AG
Hollerstraße 126
24782 Büdelsdorf

Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Marc Tüngler
Executive Board: Christoph Vilanek (Chairman), Ingo Arnold (Deputy Chairman), Nicole Engenhardt-Gillé, Stephan Esch, Antonius Fromme, Rickmann v. Platen

Registered Office: Büdelsdorf, Local Court Kiel HRB 7306 KI
Value Added Tax Number: DE 242 848 538

Responsible for capital market relevant information on the company

freenet AG
Investor Relations
Dr. Tim-Frederik Oehr
Deelbögenkamp 4
22297 Hamburg

Data protection and pricacy principles, answering your inquiries

freenet AG
The data protection representative
Deelbögenkamp 4
22297 Hamburg
[email protected]


Regulatory authority

Federal Network Agency for Electricity, Gas,
Telekommunications, Post and Railway
Tulpenfeld 4, 53113 Bonn
Telefon (02 28) 14-0
Telefax (02 28) 14-88 72

Important note for customers

Please note that we can only help you with customer inquiries via the respective customer service. You can find more information on the CONTACT page.