The web portal, which went public one month after it was formally founded, has evolved into a large, diversified corporation over the past two plus decades.

 As a digital lifestyle provider, freenet today offers its approximately 8.8 million subscribers products, services and hardware for mobile communications, TV and many other aspects of digital life.

The company's core business consists of providing mobile communications services supplemented by a diverse range of digital lifestyle products and services as well as home entertainment offerings including TV and video.


Launch of freenet Internet - market entry to establish a technology-independent, app-based product platform for Internet (June 2022).

freenet is tapping the market for app-based Internet rates in Germany with freenet Internet, thus complementing its own digital lifestyle portfolio of mobile communications and TV entertainment. The platform is launched with a fixed wireless access (LTE) product.

Brand transformation - mobilcom-debitel becomes freenet (July 2022)

The aim of the umbrella brand strategy is to focus consistently on our customers and their needs and to leverage synergies within the Group. The "freenet" umbrella brand now combines mobile communications, Internet, and TV entertainment to make it easier for our customers to find their way around in complex, everyday digital life. The stores, websites and customer service of mobilcom-debitel operate under the freenet brand now.