freenet AG is aware of its responsibility.

freenet AG sees itself as having a direct responsibility to its employees, customers, and shareholders, as well as to the ecological and social environment at the respective company locations and in the context of society as a whole.

Against this backdrop, freenet AG has been reporting annually on the development of material non-financial aspects as part of the non-financial statement since 2017. Since 2019, reporting has been carried out in accordance with the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), exercising the "Core" option, and is subject to continuous further development. The non-financial statement is part of the management report in the annual report of freenet AG.

In addition to the topics reported there, good corporate management and control (corporate governance) is of central importance to freenet AG.

With its predominantly location-based donation activities, the company also shows social commitment: In 2021, freenet donated a total of 20,000 euros to the future project "B├╝delsdorf goes Multimedia". As part of the project, young people - but also adults - are introduced to new information technologies with the help of modern hardware and software as well as didactic support.

Responsibility to our stakeholders

Sustainable and responsible action is part of our corporate culture and the core of our success and its sustainability. Our actions are primarily guided by economic principles, as economic success is a prerequisite for reliable and measurable value creation for all our stakeholders.


Performance-oriented and safe working environment, free of any discrimination


Sustainable customer relationships with high quality service and customer interaction.

Capital market

Transparency and integrity towards investors, analysts and banks

Supply chain

Purchasing guidelines and Supplier Code of Conduct as minimum standards


Legal compliance, ethical principles and compliance management system.

Responsibility for a digital life

For us, enabling a digital lifestyle and supporting dialogue also means taking responsibility for transparent and secure handling of sensitive customer data. Data security and data protection are essential for our business and are our focus areas, due to the high degree of digitalisation in our industry.

Data protection

Informational self-determination and transparency

Data security

Information security guideline and regular audits.

Digital dialog

Communication according to customer needs

Responsibility for the environment

Conserving resources and using energy sparingly are part of ensuring our competitiveness.
For us, the digitalisation of processes is an opportunity to reduce resource and energy consumption, in light of the goal of sustainable reduction of CO2 emissions.

Energy and      CO2-emissions

Savings from digitalisation and energy audits

Consumption of resources

Digital invoicing, reduction of electronic waste

ESG ratings

ESG ratings by independent rating agencies increase transparency for all stakeholders with regard to the classification and weighting of relevant sustainability activities. The freenet Group uses the opportunity for active dialogue.

The management of non-financial issues is assessed by international ESG rating agencies. The Investor Relations & ESG department is in continuous exchange with four relevant players.

Since 2018, freenet AG has also been disclosing climate data, especially on CO2 emissions, as part of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), thus making its impact on the environment transparent. In 2021, the company is once again a designated CDP Discloser through its active participation in the CDP and voluntary completion of the CDP questionnaire.

The external assessment of freenet's sustainability activities is as follows:

ESG rating agencies

Evaluation scale Leader to Laggard AAA to CCC A+ to D- (Prime: C+) A to D-

Risk: 25.0 (Medium)

Exposure: 39.1 (Medium)

Management:  40.0 (Average)


Risk: 25.2 (Medium)

Exposure: 37.1 (Medium)

Management: 35.3 (Average)


Risk: 26.4 (Medium)

Exposure: 36.6 (Medium)

Management: 30.7 (Average)

A C- C
2018 Average A D not scored
2017 Laggard BB D- F